Tears for Fears

I think it was back in 1983 that I first listened to Tears for Fears. It was a song off their first album and I was in boarding school, sophomore…14 years old. New Wave was just starting then, and most of my dorm mates were heavy into metal rock (screaming and shouting) which I’ve never liked much.

Two years later…and two more high schools later, my senior year, Tears for Fears released their biggest hit, ‘Shout’, ironically. I remember the spring and summer of 1985 well. Spent mostly cutting lawns and hanging out in the bars of Georgetown, Washington DC. Though, I stopped listening to them then, because they had become too commercial, I still respected them as a band and great vocalists.

Friday night Kathy got tickets to see them at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA…some 3,000 miles from where I listed to them in my youth. For some strange reason,  I have always wanted to see them live. I wanted to see them perform their music outside of a studio. Was it going to be the same?

Well…they did not disappoint. I do not think I have ever heard two vocalists sing as strongly as Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. What impressed me more, was how basic that band was. Guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, I had thought they used a lot of techno tricks to pull off their sound but that is not the case.

Roland and Curt are the real deal. They are both remarkable musians and vocalists. Though their big chart days are over, their music has stayed relevant. I liked the fact that they only played their best songs and did not boor us with new music I have not heard and will likely not buy….what I wanted and did see and hear was a great band and to relive some distant memories of good times. Very cool.

Tears for Fears