Laguna Seca

This past Tuesday was my third track day and first at Laguna Seca this year. The day started off rainy but ended up sunny and the track sticky. I rode in B+ group not feeling like I was up for A group. I could drop a few more pounds from this past winter and my tires were marginal after five days on the track. B+ group was a ton of fun and actually very fast.

My focus now is my diet and spending a lot more time on my bicycle and spin bike. Hopefully in a another month I will be back in A group. Thanks to Keigwins for hosting the day and GotBlueMilk for the great pictures and Kawasaki for engineering such a wonderful superbike the ZX-10R.



Laguna Seca

Where did my glasses go?

I was in Taiwan last year and I lost my precious prescription glasses traveling – OMG! So, I walked down the sidewalk and purchased a $5.00 pair of 1.5+ magnification reading glasses as a temporary solution from a friendly street vendor.

But, what I quickly realized is that these 1.5’s were actually better then my precious $500.00 prescription glasses. This realization has indeed changed my life. No longer am I constantly papering my once every two year prescription reading glasses. Being very careful not to scratch them. Having to remember where I put them all the time. These days, I dont care about my glasses anymore. I even abuse them, drop them, lose them… forget about them, leave them in the car – all the time now. I have glasses everywhere.

Its gets even better, now I buy $10.00 glasses in three packs from In all different styles, colors and magnifications. One for the garage working on my bikes, another 2+ magnification for close up reading in bed, one to dress up, one pair to try and look cool. I am so happy.

What a joke I have been living thinking I needed ‘prescription’ glasses all these years. I am now free at last to see how I want to see.

Where did my glasses go?

Charleston | South Carolina

This past week I visited my brothers living in Charleston, South Carolina. I stayed in my brothers guest studio, which was built in 1680. Yes, 1680 – one hundred years before the American Revolutionary War. The floors were original oaks – amazing.

I do come from a Southern family, but left for California over 20 years ago. I had forgotten what a lovely city Charleston is. It is hard to get too, I guess this is a good thing. I can not think of a single American city that has such a rich, over 300+ plus year history. Walking down the city blocks, house after house built in the late 1600’s to 1700’s. And they are all very, very beautiful.

If you ever find yourself visiting the American South, Charleston is a must, must place to visit. You will be glad you did.


Charleston | South Carolina

Love my old, old American trucks

Not sure how this happened but to be honest I have to admit, I do really, really love old, old, old American v8 1500 series trucks and vans. It is true they just don’t make them like they used too and I always have a ‘need’ for them. Total value of both a Yukon and RamVan together is only about $4,000. But the fun and utility they continue to provide is priceless.

It seems to me, that while most folks are still enamored with old Mustangs and Camero’s… I think the real ‘keepers’ of the 90’s are American trucks. My Yukon is a 97, and RamVan a 99… both with little over a 100,000 miles are still running strong and every day reliable vehicles.

I plan to keep them running for another 20 years, hopefully longer. Want to go on a road-trip?



Love my old, old American trucks

First Solo Flight

About two years ago I started taking flying lessons….then I stopped after about 7 hours. Not sure why, I just could not get comfortable in the sky. But really I think it was because I had not accomplished what I had set out to do six years earlier to learn how to ride superbikes on racetracks. This past fall, I finally felt comfortable with my motorcycle goals (A-Group) and began to think about flying again.

This time, I felt totally different in the sky. I have been training in a low wing airplane and a new flight instructor, Jon Thornton and owner Chris Gularte who I really like at Specialized Helicopters in Watsonville, CA. After about 30 hours across 25 flights and 100+ landings I finally was ready to solo. And it was very scary/exciting. It also happened to be on a raining day, but calm, no other planes in the sky…no wonder. But it was a perfect day to go for it – and I am glad it is over-with.

One thing did stand out for me in that I was surprised that learning how to ride a race motorcycle on a grand prix track like Laguna Seca was 10X harder than learning how to fly and land a small airplane. My ZX10R motorcycle is actually faster on the track then my plane in the sky. 135mhp vs 110mph. But flying is also filled with regulations, communications and a soft touch on the yoke. Closer to sailing in the sky really.

But like the Wright brothers who started with two wheels as bicycle builders, you still have to ‘ride or fly’ the plane. So this concept carries over. Except with motorcycles its all adrenaline, aggression and some bravery. Flying is a soft touch, mostly how to ‘slow’ the plane down for landing, vs full-throttle on a bike whenever possible.  A good deal.


130mph on Motorcycle



First Solo Flight