Love my old, old American trucks

Not sure how this happened but to be honest I have to admit, I do really, really love old, old, old American v8 1500 series trucks and vans. It is true they just don’t make them like they used too and I always have a ‘need’ for them. Total value of both a Yukon and RamVan together is only about $4,000. But the fun and utility they continue to provide is priceless.

It seems to me, that while most folks are still enamored with old Mustangs and Camero’s… I think the real ‘keepers’ of the 90’s are American trucks. My Yukon is a 97, and RamVan a 99… both with little over a 100,000 miles are still running strong and every day reliable vehicles.

I plan to keep them running for another 20 years, hopefully longer. Want to go on a road-trip?



Love my old, old American trucks