Two Wheel Addiction

Robbin Williams, when asked why he liked bicycling so much said, “because it’s the closest thing to flying.” This Labor Day weekend, like most weekends I spent a lot of time on two wheels. Three days climbing some 10,000 combined feet in the Santa Cruz mountains on my mountain bike. And one morning riding with a group of sport-bike friends through the tight twisties of the same Santa Cruz mountains, then down beautiful Highway 1 for lunch in Capitola.

One of the things I like most about riding on two wheels, is that it is an individual pursuit. For me, riding a bicycle alone for two hours with techno music in my ears is a very physical but for me zenfull time. Alone in the quite mountains….allowing the natural energy in my body to power the experience.

Riding with a group of sportbike riders is a very, very different two wheel experience. Powering through the mountains in line, going way to fast… but that is what it is. Lane splitting through traffic and occasionally being very loud. It is still a very exhilarating and at times scary/thrilling two wheel experience.

Usually I have found two wheel riders are either bicyclists or motorcyclists, but very rarely are they the same. For me it’s being a good dog and a bad dog at the same time. I guess I need a bit of both in my life.







Two Wheel Addiction