Fukarwe California Tour


One nice thing about track riding is the other riders you meet. Last year at a Sears Point track day Richard suggested we all take a 2,000 mile sport bike tour of California. Considering I hardly ever ride on big highways, and even avoid the small ones, I thought this would be great opportunity to join the tour and hit the big roads.


To keep it short, it was an absolutely awesome trip. Even if it only lasted three days for me…due to mechanical issues with my Apriila Tuono (what was I thinking taking an Italian superbike on a nine day road trip), which I have replaced with a Kawasaki ZX-6R. Though I still prefer the safety of a confined race track for fast riding, a trip out to the country is all fun, even with a blown engine. See you guys for next years tour.

And, “thank you officer for letting us off with a warning.” Seriously.

Fukarwe California Tour