No more Facebook

As a general rule, I really don’t have any kind of beef with It’s a business like any other, nothing wrong with that. But I have to admit the site really gives me the creeps. Maybe because I am a tech guy, wannabe…with my own linux server hosted in a data-center cage as part of a larger project ( So it is easy for me to spin up a WordPress site and have complete control over my blog.

Not that I would recommend anyone buy a rack server, build it up, connect it to the cloud, etc…not worth the effort I agree. But in return for this expense and effort, I have a least one small reward. Big Brother is not watching everything I do, or the interactions I have with my friends. I like it this way. This is why there are no ads on this site at all. Kind of a rare thing these day to see a website without an ad on it somewhere. I like this approach but it also has a big drawback in that I can not be ‘friend-ed’ on my site. This site is more of a semi-anonomous one-sided journal. Ok fine.

Today it seems it is becoming harder and harder to be open and be private at the same time. I do have a Facebook account. I never user it. I get the creeps every time I log into it and try my best not too, ever……except when I get a ‘Friend Invite’ from a Facebook user. So, how do I respectfully accept a friend request, login and out of Facebook as fast as I can and let the friend know that ‘I don’t do Facebook.’ I am only listed there so folks can find me, same for Linked-in.

So, please do not be offended when I do not accept your Facebook Friend invites. I am still your Friend. I just do not believe our interactions should serve as the profit engine for big media companies. I dont want target ads (very creepy) intruding upon my personal interactions. BTW, I also thought FB was a bad idea in 2005, how wrong I was.

Amazing, I just broke my glasses last week. How did Facebook know that?

No more Facebook