Our New, Everything is Recorded World

Though I have yet to don a pair, I am very excited about Google’s new Glasses soon to be available for purchase. In addition to the obvious benefits of providing real-time, virtual reality based information experience, one feature that I think will be used the most is the simple Record Video feature. With wireless coverage continuing to strengthen, the idea of being connected with your glasses, and recording everything and uploading your video files to a cloud server in realtime will also become a cheap reality within the next few years.

Great, but I am curious what social impacts these new glasses are going to have on our daily interactions with other people. Think about it, if you are talking with someone wearing these glasses, you may or may not know if they are recording your conversation – so you may as well assume so. And no, I do not think we (the government) will be able to stop people from recording, just like we can not stop people from taking pictures from a sidewalk.

Kathy and I from time to time have challenging conversations that we are unable to discuss in calm voices. About 10 years ago for kicks, I picked up my portable tape recorder and said, “lets discuss this on tape.” What we found very quickly was that our conversation slowed, our words become more precise, and the tone of our voices more relaxed. Its funny now, but that tape recorder was good for us.

I suspect, that within five years, it will be very common, and within 10 years a standard of life, that everyone is recording everyone. Its the perfect storyboard timeline for the big social sites like Facebook. But I think in return for saying goodbye to the last bits of our privacy, we will as a society perhaps interact in more positive ways.

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Our New, Everything is Recorded World