Beer Can

It’s getting towards the end of the season and already the early signs of fall are here. Sailing beer can this summer has been a ton of fun. We have progressed from a motley assembled group to now a veteran team capable of flying the kite in almost all winds. Lately though its been mother nature calling the shots on the water.

First up, fog. Mostly converging on the fleet at our outermost mark. It is pretty cool to fly the kite home mostly looking at the navigation plotter and keeping a sharp lookout for sudden collisions in the fog. That, said fog, fog, fog…racing in the fog is more fun then not.

This past wednesday evening when we got the dock. Calico was moving wildly around in her slip – which was very strange considering the winds were pretty calm. Little did I know, but as soon as we rounded the dock and headed out towards the harbor entrance a huge eight foot wave came breaking across the full entrance of the harbor.

Everyone froze when they saw wave after wave come crashing through the harbor mouth. After confirming that we were indeed not going to let an eight to ten foot wave stop us from heading out for the beer can race we geared up and headed out. The wave was huge, but we made it through. Andrew was able to take a few pics of our return back into the harbor. These waves were half the height what we experienced just an hour before….


Holiday beachgoers warned of big waves in Santa Cruz during Labor Day weekend

“The south-southwest swell started building Wednesday and is expected to peak Friday and Saturday with 6- to 10-foot surf at 18-second intervals, according to The swell is expected to drop to 4- to 6-foot surf on Sunday with smaller waves on Monday. ”

Beer Can