A few weeks ago we went on a camping trip to Silver Lake, California. Up in the Sierras south of Lake Tahoe, Silver Lake is a gorgeous alpine lake with an elevation of over 7,500 feet.

I’ve been camping a long time, and have accumulated some great camping gear. This year I bought a new portable bbq gas grill for my camping kitchen set. I was pretty excited with my little purchase and the hours’ time it took to put it together. Great thing about camping with other avid camper friends is that you never know who’s got what cool camping gear. And this trip I was going to bring a BBQ grill.

Long story short, I have to hand it to Big Mama and her ExpiditionX3 three burner griddle and two burner grill she brought. No need to unpack buy new little grill when Big Mama comes to camp.

Thank you Big Mama for the coffee, pancakes, sausages, steaks, chicken, eggs….


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