Tour vs. MotoGP

My two wheel career started out twenty five years ago as a collegiate cyclist. Though I do not race anymore, my road bicycle is still my favorite two wheel machine. This past month I watched the Tour de France for the 20th year and as always I loved every minute.

One not so good theme of this years tour was the high amount of crashes suffered by riders in the peloton. This crash below is especially brutal. Having spent a fair amount of time on the pavement myself over the years it really makes me cringe.

Now that I have started to ride superbikes on race tracks these past three years it’s a real treat to wear leather and armor vs. thin lycra cycling shorts. Also, I have been amazed how MotoGP racers with this armor are able to slide on the pavement forever it seems and walk away with hardly more the bruises most of the time.

So… the thought hit me. Why not armor for cyclists!! I know, pro cyclists do not want the extra weight and hotness…but there has to be a better way to add skid protection for cyclists to limit the road rash, and increase the durability of the riders. I’m still thinking about this idea….

Tour vs. MotoGP

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