New commuter bike

Lately I have been riding my K13000S to work two to three days a week. Although I ride right next to a highway I never ride on it to work. It’s not that I do not like the speed and open highways offer, I just rarely find myself motivated to ride at highways speeds early in the morning. After a bit of research I found a back-way to town that takes a little longer, but is a lot more scenic and relaxed.

So…after ridding my 500+ pound 185hp K13000S for a couple weeks. A bike that is designed for one thing, riding highways. I decided to trade her in for a back country commuter. My primary goals were to select a lighter weight, more fuel efficient machine. After spending two days studying both the Kawasaki 250R and the new Honda CBR250, both outstanding, 70mpg, safe bikes. I ended up selecting a bike more in the middle weight and powerband range. That bike turned out to be an Aprila 750Shiver.

After riding the bike for a couple of days all I can say is I love this machine. This is my first Italian bike, and I have to admit, when the 750duce reaches 8000rpms the engine makes the most incredible sound. It’s as if the designers figured out a way to translate the vibrations from the engine and suspension into a deep melody. I also love the fact that for a smaller 70hp bike it has super wide front and rear wheels and tires. The grip is incredible, a perfect commuter.

Lastly – I am not huge fan of naked bikes, but I have to admit riding in a more upright position does provide a better view of the forks and road ahead which I believe increases your visual perception.

Now I just need to prove I can get 70mpg out of this new commuter bike.

New commuter bike

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