Slow ride

Cycling has always been a zen experience for me. Starting seriously in high school then as collegiate cyclist in Virginia in a the late 1980’s. Riding for two to four hours in the mountains once or twice a week, really puts me a fine state of mind.

Lately though, instead of hammering up the mountains trying to push every ounce of energy out of my body, I’ve slowed a bit. Not always but once in a couple of rides I’ve started to take it slow. The idea being to slowly, grind up the mountains, and focus more on the experience of being outside…the weather, road, the new spring plant life.

I still testing this slow theory, not sure if its just an excuse to not ride so hard, or is it really ok to ride slow sometimes.

FYI, I am a huge fan of this small Italian Racing Mirror on my left bar. It makes it much easier to ride in the center of the road most of the time without wondering if there is car behind me.

Slow ride

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