Infineon Raceway

Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than two beautiful track days with California Superbike School at Infineon Raceway. Although my RR is still undergoing custom modifications I was able to rent one of Keith’s for the two days of training. As usual the coaching was excellent and my fellow riders fun to ride with.

Below is a short video of riders being cleared on to the track to practice different riding skills. The instructors follow students around the track and debrief them after each session. I spent most of the two days refining my “two step” turn entry skill. At the end of day two John Groom my coach suggested I take turns 1 through 6 in second gear topping out around 11,000 RPM.

The suggestion worked great and I was able to take 6 seconds off my personal best lap time of 2:40:06 – which is still pretty slow. But improving…..

Infineon Raceway

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