When folks ask me “where did you go to school?.” I usually say I went to a university in Virginia. Then I quickly add, not UVA, Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Most folks in silicon valley have never heard of VCU and usually I receive a puzzeled look, as if they have heard of the school….but are not sure where so they just give a polite smile.

Folks out here are also not used to states being referred to as commonwealths either. So they assume its some kind of small private university; which being situated in the heart of an old southern capital and with 20+ thousand students, VCU is anything but rural and private.

Though not an ivy league school by any stretch, I have always been proud of my time and education there in the late 80’s. I am not sure if it was the excellent business school or all of my art school and ROTC roommates who made for a very entertaining and unpredictable social life.

Go Rams!!


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