Laguna Seca

This past Thursday was my first track day of 2011. Keigwins at TheTrack hosted the day and as always provided a super-fun day of track riding. My S1000RR was in the shop getting a few upgrades so I took a chance, (as insurance does not cover bike damage on a track) and rode my K1300S. The K was a great bike to ride on the track and I was happy I did not drop it. I was somewhat reluctant to push too hard going into the corners as this bike weighs over 500 pounds and the front suspension is not design to be as flickable as a dedicated track bike. The straights as you can image are where this bike excels with its 1300cc inline four cylinder power plant – the most powerful on the track that day. This will likely be the only time I ride this bike on a track, but with a couple of suspension modifications this could be an unbelievably good track bike.

Thanks to GotBlueMilk for the photo

Laguna Seca

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