Eric Clapton

Last night Fred Reiss, again scored, Section 1, Row 1, Seat 16  – tickets to Eric Clapton at the HP Pavilion. First off, the show was outstanding. I’ve always had huge respect for blues as the basis of modern rock. That said, I rarely (practically never) listen to blues as its tooo-slooww for me. And frankly I wasnt even sure if even a blues great could make me enjoy listing to it.

Watching Eric from 10 feet away last night changed my mind. He played very few hits. 90% of the songs I had never heard of, even after listening to his discography prior to concert. But for some reason I didn’t care, watching him was hypnotic, his guitar riffs and melodies mesmerizing. I left the show in great spirits – thank you Eric. You are special and I feel privileged to have watched you perform.

Eric Clapton

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