The box on Umunhum

Monday afternoon Tom and I rode up to the to top of Mt. Charlie road. It was a really nice winter ride. The Santa Cruz mountains were snowcapped which was cool to see. One site that always interests me is the abandoned Alamaden Air Force base on top of Mt. Umunuhum. The base overlooks both San Jose up to San Fransico and out accross the Pacific to Santa Cruz and beyond. I hope in the next 10 years it is cleaned up so the public can enjoy it’s beaufitul summit.

Wikipedia: “Almaden Air Force Station was a US Air Force early warning radar base in operation from 1958 to 1980. Located on the summit of Mount Umunhum in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the station is a few miles south of San Jose, California and sits about 3486 ft above Almaden Valley. The station was constructed in 1957 to keep watch over Northern California’s airspace as part of the NORAD defense system. A GATR”

The box on Umunhum

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