Winter road ride

Tom calls suggesting a ‘road’ ride? I thought Tom was all mountain bike lately. So, road being my favorite, I’m all go. The weather is a perfect winter warm, no rain, mud, cold…..Nice dry, grippy pavement, warm sun and breeze. And it could rain tomorrow, so we gotta go for it.

I haven’t ridden in two weeks and my road bike felt light and fast compared to my dual-suspection (tank) mountain bike. But I knew, it was an illusion and I was going to pay at some point for this fast, hilly and long winter ride.

The ride itself was uphill to Summit Road then left on Zayante Road down to Mt-Hermon. The downhill along Zayante is long, windy and fast. Most of it is under a Redowood forest. In all it was about a 25mile ride with a 2,897ft accent to the summit, max speed 31mph – I know, lame – the ride is full of blind turns that limit your speed so as not to get hit by an oncoming car or truck….

You know it’s been a good ride when all you can think about is a hot shower and something to eat. -john

Winter road ride

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