The Wall

The first time I saw Roger Waters, The Wall (the movie) was on a boarding school field trip in 1983. I was fourteen or so at the time. I remember liking the move, but not understanding it. On Tuesday Fred scored some tickets to Roger playing in San Jose. I havent listend to Roger or Pink Floyd in some years. I did not have any of Roger’s music in my collection, but I did have The Wall dvd. This week I watched it four times before the concert. The dvd has a lyrics display option which helped in understanding the movie and music.

I started playing the drums about three years ago. I mostly practice to BPM tracts, but for kicks I played along with the Wall to see how it felt. I was surprised at the slow, but powerful tempo. Whenever I wanted to hit the snare I had to wait an extra beat. That was my surprise. I can see how this effect makes the music feel much deeper. It’s hard to play slow.

I enjoyed watching the movie again. I think I understand it this time. Perhaps I just needed to grow older to appreciate Pink’s situation, contemplation and ultimate breakthrough resolution. Years ago I started a software project that grew beyond my imagination. The early joys were deadened by unyielding stress, changing relationships and fatigue. I too started to question the meaning of my efforts like Pink.

My favorite lyric, “when they have given you their all, some stagger and fall, after all, it’s not easy”


The Wall

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