Sears Point

In order to become a competent (less jittery) track rider this year, I decided to get some training by one of the best, if not the best superbike instructors in the country, Keith Code of – California Superbike School. More on Keith and his fantastic school later, but one of the side benifits of taking his school is the opportunity to meet other superbike enthusits.

This week I took one of Keith’s min-camps at Sears Point raceway in Sonoma, California. During my class I was in a group of four other riders, and we spent two days on the track and briefing rooms discussing our riding with the goal of shaving seconds off our lap-times. For the record I think I was the slowest in the group, but I am improving, slowly.

In my group were a couple of really cool people and I enjoyed spending the two days with them trying to perfect our lines. Attached is a pic, with me on the left, next to Christian Bale one of the nicest guys I have ever met, Leon Camier a factory World Superbike rider for Aprilla and Anil Swami another CRM software guru. -john

Sears Point

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