I was driving back from Willow Springs Raceway, SoCal six hours to Santa Cruz. I stopped for gas. Saw this…really ‘in love’ young couple walking past across the street on some unknown journey. I did’nt think much of it. Twenty minutes later I was driving across highway 46 towards 101 and Paso Robles and there they were with thumbs up.

I thought what the hell, I’ll give em a ride. They were on their way to Los Angeles – Hollywood. On foot, with little or no money. They were extremely polite, happy to have a ride. After about 10 minutes, I could tell something was not right about the guy. I think he sensed this and then he offered me a cigarette and said bluntly, “yes, I was in the state pen for eight years”. With his pit-bull sleeping in the seat behind me and his girlfriend directly across behind me….there wasn’t much I could do at that point but assume the best.

We talked for about and hour as I drove down the highway towards Paso Robles. He had a very interesting story to tell and I frankly found myself really liking the guy, his girlfriend and dog. I dropped them off in Paso, and we said our goodbyes. Sometimes I wonder where they are now…I hope they are well. They were good people. -john


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